The annual KALFI LEAD Summit is finally here! This year’s theme is “MULAT: Pagtuklas sa Katotohanan ng Makabagong Mamamayan.” 

Ever since the pandemic, we have been forced to live most of our lives via screens and technology. The talks prepared for this year’s Summit will tackle various socially relevant topics such as the importance of discourse and critical thinking in this digital society, practicing active citizenship, and the call for the youth to be responsible digital citizens, including the power of influencer culture.

The impressive panel of speakers who will enlighten us on these topics consists of: Judge Rowena Nieves Tan, the current Presiding Judge and 2nd Vice Executive Judge of the Regional Trial Court Branch 118 in Pasay City, Philippines; Dr. Francine Calero-Racho, Vice Dean of the School of Communication in the University of Asia and the Pacific; and Ms. Tasha Tanjutco, co-founder of Kids for Kids, and TAYO Sustainable Strategies and Creative Consultancy.

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Feel free to also visit this year’s KALFI LEAD Online Exhibit!

What makes it the best youth leadership program?

It turns the Ordinary from Good to Great

Standing for Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Discipline, KALFI LEAD’s mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind youth leadership training in the Philippines centering on these virtues.

We open our doors to select students in senior high school and college freshmen from the country’s premier educational institutions. Successful applicants immerse them in the program for four years where they learn the steps of character development all the way to their undergraduate degrees.  As a result, they bloom where they’re planted and become the best version of themselves.

mentoring high school students
Mentor and mentee relationship is a major component of KALFI LEAD

Get Unlimited Coaching

The KALFI LEAD leadership program instills a sense of personal worth by developing students’ talents, character, and spirit of service, and by strengthening academic skills and work habits through individualized mentoring.   Over 75 volunteers give of their time twice-a-month each year to serve as mentors to the KALFI LEADers.

Stand and Deliver

KALFI LEADers own this leadership program for youth by allowing themselves to be formed well. They later design their own service projects that will benefit pre-identified groups from the peripheries.  In other words, they blaze a trail for others to follow.

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student leadership activities
KALFI LEADers during a visit to the home of an elderly

Be inspired by some youth leadership examples

As a testament to KALFI LEAD’s effectiveness in forming leaders, scholars and Dean’s listers have picked up skills, virtues and work ethics from the classes and team assignments. Hear them speak about the best youth leadership program in the Philippines.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction is measured by the children that KALFI LEADers have taught regularly. Math, English, Science, good manners, social graces and good moral values through catechism and peer coaching are their tutorial lessons. So, send them unlimited love and teach them something that they’ll never forget.

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Raising a New Wave

of Women Leaders

With so many challenges and dilemmas that young people face at different fronts, whether at home or in the bigger community, a move to develop more women in leadership is gaining strength. Why focus on women? Because women are at the heart of the family which is the basic unit of society.  

St Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, says it all:  Every woman has characteristics, which only she uniquely possesses, to fulfill her mission in the family and the society. Gentle warmth, untiring generosity, keen intuition, unwavering constancy, love for detail, quick-wittedness, and deep piety are admirable qualities synonymous with womanhood. 

Through a gender diversity program tailored to the Philippine’s unique culture and social needs, KALFI LEAD uses proprietary training and support tools to carefully select and prepare under-the-radar young females who can contribute more to society’s growth.

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Completing Oneself First

to Serve Others

“In order to be useful, serve.”

This piece of advice first heard from St. Josemaria is the first guidepost that we recommend to any KALFI LEADer.   We acknowledge that making the choice of a career and university is difficult for many young people. Figuring out the best path can be daunting and overwhelming at the same time.  Precisely because of these challenges, the university becomes the training ground and the best place to cultivate virtues.  

The KALFI LEAD program is designed to assist students’ growth in virtue, which enables them to struggle and attain the good that they seek. We engage each student intellectually, physically and morally to create an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable, willing, and even hungry to learn.  Furthermore, our programs work to enlarge our youths’ vision of life and broaden their perspective on the possibilities that are open to them.

The Advantages of

Joining the KALFI LEAD

In essence, our program consists of the following:

  • Personalized mentoring with female professionals
  • Minimum of four years of leadership curriculum filled with dynamic, engaging workshops and seminars
  • Talks that essentially impart transferable skills which employers value and look for
  • Forge lasting friendships and provide avenues for finding meaning in one’s work
youth leadership

Soaring higher

to find and blaze new paths

Development of character in young people requires the presence of mentors who themselves have strong personal character.  The mentor gives full, undivided face-to-face individual attention to the KALFI LEADer at no extra cost. They discuss both strengths and areas in need of improvement.

Our Study Centers

as Avenues for Leadership

Our Study Centers serve as a hub that’s specifically designed with the life of a student in mind.  They are also like pods where we nurture seedlings to perfection.

Our one-on-one mentoring sessions, five-fold human formation approach (revolving around academic, social, cultural, professional, and spiritual aspects), and many other age-appropriate activities have immensely helped the top students face up to real-world challenges even before they graduate from the universities.

balanghai study center
Balanghai Study Center
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Daniw Study Center
iraya study center
Iraya Study Center
banilad study center
Banilad Study Center
tanglaw university center
Tanglaw University Center
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Tahilan Residence and Study Center
Narra Study Center
Narra Nueva Study Center
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