Our Student Leadership Program is more than a buzzword

Here’s an overview of our application process:


Our youth leadership program puts a premium on academic excellence, viewing it as a good gauge that the student exercises the human virtues and has set some goals.  Every candidate must belong to the top 10% of her batch.

The program is offered to  incoming female Grade 11, 12, college freshman, or second year University student enrolled in a five-year course.  At the time of the application, she should have been admitted to any of the top academic institutions by the start of the academic year (with special preference to those going to UP, Ateneo de Manila, UST, DLSU, UA&P).

The application to KALFI LEAD is from July to September 11, 2020.

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Schedule of Application 

  • Application Period:  July – September 11, 2020
  • Deadline for Submission of Applications: On-going  (i.e. anytime before August 30)
  • Center Interviews:  August – September 11 
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  • Application Procedure:
  • Download the application form.
  • Upload the complete application along with your scanned transcript of record or latest available report card form in this page. Zip all these in one file using this file name: SURNAME_FIRSTNAME
  • Ask two (2) teachers/counselors/moderators to fill out the recommendation forms and have them emailed directly to kalfileadprogram@gmail.com
  • For any clarifications/questions, send an email inquiry to kalfileadprogram@gmail.com
  • Accepted file types: zip.


  1.  The interview will be with the LEAD coordinator of the KALFI-affiliated Study Center to which the applicant is likely to be assigned. The candidate must score satisfactorily in the interview in order to be admitted.


After the first semester of the first year, the candidate will be evaluated on her fulfilment of our student leadership program’s minimum requirements. The following will also be part of the evaluation:

  • Attendance to Center activities
  • Openness and a good disposition to receiving advice heard or consulted in mentoring
  • Interest and expression of willingness to take on leadership roles and assignments in various KALFI LEAD program committees
  • Display of good behavior inside and outside the Center as well as the campus (especially with peers or other people)

The result of the evaluation will decide on the candidate’s definitive acceptance into LEAD.