“Together We Breathe Hope’’: A Benefit Concert” by KALFI LEAD Cebu

Together We Breathe Hope: A Benefit Concert Last 26th of June, the KALFI Leaders from Cebu organized an online concert entitled “Together We Breathe Hope: A Benefit Concert”,  an initiative to raise funds for their various projects especially aiding those who are greatly affected by the pandemic. With social media being the most efficient way … Read more

Receiving Formation with Style

Receiving Formation with Style   I appreciate now how college mentoring programs have helped shape my ideals. Looking back on my two years — and counting —- experiences on being part of Iraya Study Center filled with memories and events, I can still recall the day my mentor asked me to apply for the KALFI … Read more

Love Concretized: Klub Tala Summer Camp 2016

Love Concretized:Klub Tala Summer Camp 2016   I must admit youth leadership training may sound too abstract or distant for teenagers like me. For more often, I read about this from journals of top business schools presented as case studies or as a corporate social responsibility project of some corporations.  That can be cold, far … Read more

Leadership Skills through Sibol

Building Leadership Skills of College Students Through Sibol Leadership Baby Steps:  Starting with the Care of the Environment One of the issues the world is currently facing is the depletion of natural resources—topping the list of which are trees. Now in the age of advanced technological development and industrialization, we aim to facilitate these ongoing … Read more