Together We Breathe Hope: A Benefit Concert

Last 26th of June, the KALFI Leaders from Cebu organized an online concert entitled “Together We Breathe Hope: A Benefit Concert”,  an initiative to raise funds for their various projects especially aiding those who are greatly affected by the pandemic. With social media being the most efficient way of communication nowadays, family and friends were invited to a Facebook Group where the concert details were are posted. A total of 458 members joined to support the cause. 


Through the eagerness and dedication of the Batch Presidents and the collaborative effort of each KALFI Leader, they were able to work significantly together, online, in order to organize and create a Concert that aims to extend help to the people who are struggling because of the pandemic — the patients and their family members and the front-liners. Appreciably , the concert is also a tribute to all of the selfless  health workers and front-liners across the globe. Heartwarming performances  were made by the LEADers themselves. Together in sending the message of hope, the LEADers showcased their various talents which included dancing, singing, painting, poetry writing. Each one just brought joy to many people. A unique segment was #PositiveQuaranthings which featured the positive and meaningful activities they have engaged themselves in during the quarantine. To date, the segment saluting the health workers and front-liners is going around the hospitals in Cebu and to each doctor, nurse etc. who is known by each KALFI LEADer to give them a breath of hope.     


All in all, the growing success of the concert would not be possible without the help of the mentors and tremendous support from family and friends. Indeed it was a concert that reminded each one that even in the darkest moments of our lives, together we can still rise up and that hope remains and is very much alive.