LEAD Summit 2021

Back in 2018, a few months into KALFI Lead, we were already told that when we became 4th year KALFI Leaders, we would be in charge of organizing the much anticipated, annual event: the KALFI Lead Summit. As someone who, at the time, was newly exposed to leadership roles, it sounded like a scary obligation. … Read more

My KALFI LEAD Experience: Learning the Ropes of Youth Leadership

My KALFI LEAD Experience: Learning the Ropes of Youth Leadership  (How I stopped being brand-conscious and be more socially aware on the day  I said no to fast fashion) My First Lesson:  How to be Humble As an overall experience, the most relevant thing that being a KALFI Leader has taught me so far is to … Read more

Receiving Formation with Style

Receiving Formation with Style   I appreciate now how college mentoring programs have helped shape my ideals. Looking back on my two years — and counting —- experiences on being part of Iraya Study Center filled with memories and events, I can still recall the day my mentor asked me to apply for the KALFI … Read more

Love Concretized: Klub Tala Summer Camp 2016

Love Concretized:Klub Tala Summer Camp 2016   I must admit youth leadership training may sound too abstract or distant for teenagers like me. For more often, I read about this from journals of top business schools presented as case studies or as a corporate social responsibility project of some corporations.  That can be cold, far … Read more