Leadership Baby Steps: 

Starting with the Care of the Environment

One of the issues the world is currently facing is the depletion of natural resources—topping the list of which are trees.

Now in the age of advanced technological development and industrialization, we aim to facilitate these ongoing processes as well as to prevent calamities and further destruction.

On December 14, 2015, a simple gesture to address this issue was initiated by KALFI LEAD Batch 2015 entitled “Sibol: A Tree Planting Project.”

The tree planting activity was held in Manila Boystown Complex located in Parang, Marikina.

The team collaborated with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – National Greening Program (DENR-NGP) and the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) who provided viable seedlings for planting.

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The site of our tree-planting activity: The Manila Boystown Complex at Parang, Marikina (Photo Courtesy of Pinoy Adventure Rider)
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Seventy seedlings were given by the DENR-NGP, all of which were fruit-bearing plants while PCA provided 30 coconut seedlings. All in all, there was a total of 100 seedlings.

Nineteen female college students composed of both facilitators and volunteers from different universities participated in the project. Out of the 100 seedlings, forty were reserved for the participants to plant while the other sixty were planted with the help of personnel from the Manila Boystown Complex. By lunchtime, the participants finished, leaving behind a promise of coming back to ensure the successful growth of the plants.

Promoting environmental awareness is the primary goal of the activity. With all the things that are keeping us busy, the importance of taking care of our surroundings is being left more and more unnoticed. As leaders, we are reminded that no act.