Young Leaders Program:

Turning Youthful Energy into a Force for Good

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KALFI LEAD is one of the few specialized leadership programs for high school and college students. It is tailored to the unique needs of the youth for holistic character development.

Understanding the challenges young women face in different cultures and recognizing the unmistakable qualities of authentic femininity, we help top students embody the virtues of a genuine servant leader.

KALFI LEAD does not provide scholarship, but rather long-term character formation through personalized mentoring, delivery of project management modules, constant outreach participation, and regular exposure to talks, workshops, and interactions with fellow program beneficiaries.

Every LEADer starts with that potency

waiting to be realized.

We see each one as a rough diamond that needs polishing so she can eventually shine like the gem that she is.  Similar to how the great artist, Michelangelo, saw his masterpiece hidden inside the block of marble waiting to be released. With that in mind, our student leadership program comprises the following components to produce tomorrow’s women leaders:
  • KALFI LEAD is designed to give you a headstart in the university through the exclusive one-on-one mentoring
  • The cohort leadership training program given through a series of regular conferences and classes builds on your past academic achievements and technical skills.

 They are given many opportunities to be project heads by managing events scheduled throughout the year.  Some of these include the Freshmen Orientation, Anchored Leadership teambuilding, Leap to Lead retreats, and the annual KALFI LEAD Summit.

Mentoring and friendship

are keys to developing character

The secret to our effective young leaders program is our one-on-one mentoring method. We lay the foundation to allow the brightest female students establish meaningful mentorships with seasoned professionals.

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The KALFI LEAD mentoring is akin to the relationship between sports trainers and athletes where the former commits time and energy to assist the latter in maximizing their potential in every possible effort. 

The mentee draws on the knowledge and experience of the mentor who uses such wisdom to help the student hone her innate abilities and acquired skills to the full.

While participation to LEAD activities is voluntary, the student soon realizes and appreciates the importance of mentoring in her full development. The beneficiary can take advantage of the invaluable service the mentor provides in the form of practical wisdom, sincere guidance, undivided attention, and friendship.

For the mentoring relationship to work and bear fruit, moreover, the LEAD student is highly encouraged to meet with her professional coach twice a month, which is the prescribed regularity. Each session promotes a healthy dialogue that encourages openness, ease and naturalness. We form young female intellectuals within their milieu and in using the language that they best understand.

Anchored Leadership

Accomplished with Passion

All leadership programs for high school and college students need a concrete training and development plan in order for students to grow in good habits, interact positively with peers, cope with academic demands while growing in virtues.  

The youth leadership training curriculum includes seminars, assemblies, other events for peer interaction and personal growth, and on-the job training (OJT) options for a more hands-on application.

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Reaching out to the underserved communities within their milieu

Our program offers a menu of outreach activities for each year level. 

In this way, KALFI  LEAD beneficiaries can grasp the real meaning of being Christian servant leaders within the context of their own environment and experience.

The Study Centers

where they grow their wings

Each LEAD student is assigned to a particular Study Center, which is generally near her school. Primarily tasked with delivering guidance for the students, our KALFI-assisted Centers are strategically located around Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Negros.

Like nests for hatchlings, our Centers provide LEADers the perfect environment to achieve the holistic  objectives of personal development, moral integrity, human values, and social responsibility to help them become exemplary servant leaders.

To learn more about KALFI LEAD, get in touch with us today.