Youth Leadership Training: Going Down to Brass Tacks

Youth outreach programs are a dime a dozen. But at KALFI LEAD, there is more to it than meets the eye.

With KALFI LEAD, the leadership potential of the young women will be honed and enhanced over four years at the minimum.

Its youth development programs seek to train the female servant leaders of tomorrow through proven methods that cultivate every aspect of the feminine genius. 


In order to be useful, one must serve

Pope Francis has said that an essential aspect of the training points to the social responsibility of constructing a more just and human world.  And this is what every KALFI LEADer must be committed to accomplish.

The main characteristic we look for in every candidate is the ability to serve others in this manner, with the genuine interest to help as its starting point.

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Volunteers spend their school breaks teaching kids on the rudiments of basic education, hygiene, and personality development within dilapidated classrooms. That's service with compassion at its finest.

The inspiration behind this leadership training

(Armed with a mission; Accomplishing with compassion)

We admit being a servant leader is never easy.   Since KALFI LEAD students are already wired to serve from the heart and above and beyond the call of duty, we want to come in and encourage that attitude  while they are still young.  We provide the support in this arduous journey.

   As one of the few youth outreach programs of its kind, KALFI LEAD gives the much needed push in these young women’s endeavors by offering constant opportunities to participate in socio-civic activities and extend help to local communities.

KALFI LEAD is inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirit of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church, and is open to students, volunteers and staff regardless of race, creed or nationality.    Working in close collaboration with the study centers, we provide students with individual attention in a nurturing environment through either one-on-one or small group settings.

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Personal Development

In KALFI LEAD, we believe that they cannot take the lead without developing themselves into complete individuals. Qualities, such as moral integrity, perseverance, magnanimity, and humility, among others, slowly take shape and find kindred spirits among the people they help.

KALFI LEADers  do not just appreciate these virtues but also understand the need to exercise them. Since servant leaders should practice what they preach, we are interested in students that demonstrate these admirable traits and lead by example, while they are still in the university.

Over the course of their studies, they will augment the “three R’s” of reading, writing, and arithmetic that they learned early in life with “the five C’s” of critical thinking, communication, creativity,  cultural fluency, and compassion.

Service Projects

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KALFI LEAD is designed to support a head start in the university and in life, in general.

For any questions about our program elements, application qualifications, and other related matters, contact us today.